Do you need to update your contact information?

Every month when E-mail's are sent out some of them bounce. This is due to us not having your current contact information or your Spam filter kicking out our E-mail. We will no longer be publishing the Newsletter online, as personal information is being published and it is very easy for anyone to locate home address', phone numbers, etc. We will still continue to E-mail the newsletter each month to all members, but remember we need your current information to do so. So please keep us up to date with new address', phone numbers, and e-mail address'. If you have a Spam filter on your e-mail or you have AOL please add to your allowed list. You may also want to add people from the Contacts page in case they happen to send out a group e-mail.

Our preferred method to receive your information is by sending us the Chapter Contact Form. However if this is not possible please send us an e-mail with your information.

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