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Parent Coordinator: Beth Bennett

New born oxygen - diaper bag - back pack

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All about a 504 Plan

What is a 504 plan? The name comes from the section of the disability law that states that a school or employer that receives federal funds must make reasonable accommodations for any handicapping condition that impedes a major life activity (such as walking, learning, etc.) When we refer to a 504 plan, we mean the customized document that is typically created by the school and parent together to reduce obstacles in the school setting. It is usually reviewed once a year at a meeting with the parents, teacher, and whoever the 504 coordinator is for the school (often the principal). It is not special education, but for many of our kids the building OT is a great resource to have involved.

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Information for expectant parents of a Little Person!


Keeping your kids cool in the warm Weather

I’ve discovered that sunblock that isn’t waterproof doesn’t make Leah overheat as much as the waterproof kind. It can be hard to find a high SPF that isn’t waterproof, but sometimes in the face care section there is some, or for daily use there’s a Lubriderm that’s 15, not waterproof, and fairly light. It makes a big difference. It also seems to help to bathe Leah every night to get the daily layer of sunblock and sweat (and peanut butter, and who knows what else) off, so she can sleep cooler. Then we don’t put the sunblock on until morning.