The LPA Mission

Little People of America, Inc. (LPA), will assist dwarfs with their physical and developmental concerns resulting from short stature. By providing medical, environmental, educational, vocational, and parental guidance, short-stature individuals and their families may enhance their lives and lifestyles with minimal limitations. Through peer support and personal example, our members will be supportive of all those who reach out to LPA. Lastly, by networking with national and international growth-related and genetic-support groups, LPA will enhance knowledge and support of short-stature individuals.

When referring to a person with dwarfism, the terms dwarf and little person are both acceptable. However, midget is considered by many -- including the American Heritage Dictionary -- to be offensive, and inappropriate to use in any context. It is a made-up word whose roots can be traced to the circuses and freak shows of the 19th century.